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Return Policy

At RCK, we offer 30 days return shipping. If in case in these 30 days you find the purchase damaged or not upto the mark, we provide you with a 30 days return policy. After we receive your return our Quality department will see if it's truly damaged, after getting assurance from them we will refund you the amount. We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee minus shipping till 30 days after receiving the item. We can offer you the same only if the item is not altered or damaged in any way shape or form. Item must be in its original unworn condition. Items must not have been sized or customized in any way. This policy includes Jewelry, loose moissanite.

How to return the Product?

1. Kindly inform us through an email - If you are going to ship back the product, it will be great if you can inform us through the email sales@rckenter.com. You need to give the details about your order No. We can assist you with the inconvenience caused.

2. Packaging - The packaging should be done as well as sent. It should include all papers, receipts and in the best of its condition. The ring should contain the tag, if not then return would not be counted as valid. For your convenience, we recommend using the original packaging from your order.

3. You need to pay for the return shipping

4. You will receive your refund in 15 business days. Please note the refund days vary depending on Jewelry and Loose diamonds, Moissanites.